Registration Form for Ikarian Genealogy Convention
7th to 11th September 2020 on Ikaria

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Each person attending the Seminars needs to fill out a separate form.
The website form cannot understand Greek Characters. Please use a Latin Keyboard.
Christian Name:
By what name are you usually known?
Email Address:
Postal Address:
Do you speak Greek? Yes No
If you are a member of a Pan Icarian Brotherhood, which Chapter?
Answers to the following questions will help us to plan where to hold seminars
How many non-participants will be with you?
Will you require Accommodation? Yes No
If you have Accommodation, in which Village will you be based?
To help us tailor the Convention Seminars to the needs of Participants it would be useful if you could provide the following information.
Family Surnames on your Family Tree:
Original Village(s) of your Family:
Which of your Ancestors first Emigrated? e.g. Great-Grandfather
What year did they Emigrate?
Where did they emigrate to?
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